Capital Internships

The Center for Career and Professional Development is an important resource for students. This is a vital stop during the UMW journey to a successful career after graduation. In addition to connecting students with internships and employers, professional and student staff help you develop cover letters, resumes, and prep for that important interview. Faculty are also key in students’ success and have valuable connections. Professors take advantage of our proximity to Washington, D.C. and Richmond and take students behind the public facing exhibits at museums and other historical buildings, and directly into the collections.

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Relatively close to Fredericksburg, we have Richmond and we have D.C. Both are about an hour away and both are really easy to commute to. To get to D.C., you can easily hop on the train and get there in 45 minutes to an hour, which is great. A fun fact is that different professors from UMW will actually take kids into D.C. And let them see behind the scenes of different museums, or different buildings and offices, and see how that works.

The career center is great. There's tons of professionals there that can help with resume building, internship prep, interview prep, how to write a cover letter, basically anything you would need. Essentially, in every industry, you can find some sort of an internship, or job where you'll be comfortable, or you'll have some sort of a background.

I had an internship this past summer with the National Association of Home Builders in D.C. And that was a really great opportunity for me. I felt like I was able to really experience what it was like working a professional job.

I know a bunch people who have been able to extend their internship into a full time job when they graduate, which is really awesome because as a senior and as a student, it really provides you with a sense of security knowing that you have a job to look forward to as soon as you graduate.