A Day in the Life: Katie

Katie is psychology major and a social justice minor from Fairfax, VA. She is in the Honors Program, volunteered at the local free clinic and is a tour guide to campus visitors. Katie’s passion is studying abroad.  Each trip has provided Katie with a new perspective, a broadened world-view on new cultures. Check out where she’s been and where she’s headed on her next adventure.

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A typical day for me, I would wake up, get some breakfast, hang out with my suite mate, and then we walk to class together. I have my first geography and development class. It's very engaging. It's a really nice, small community type of class. We're all friends. We all know each other. Then I have an hour break where I hang out in the Hurley Convergence Center with my friend.

We study, we talk, and then I have my stats class, and then I have an international affairs class. And then I usually go to work, and I work at the Office of Admissions. After I get off work, I usually hang out in the Hurley Convergence Center. We just study a lot there. And then we go downtown a lot. That's a really fun place. It's a bunch of different restaurants, a bunch of different antique shops. On certain days, I volunteer with a free clinic right in Fredericksburg.

It's a local clinic and that is through the Honors Program, our service learnings. So as a student who studies abroad a lot, my day can sometimes look a little different. Last semester, I was actually waking up in England every day. I went to Cuba for two weeks for a faculty led program. And then I'm also planning on doing that again but going to Guatemala. And then this summer, I am applying to go to Rwanda and Uganda for a month and a half.

So at the end of my day, I'm a college student, so I'm pretty tired, but I'm pretty proud of my day. I think every day is a great day here. I feel like I benefited from something that I learned, something that I did. I feel like I've had some kind of goal achieved.