Study Around the World

One in every three UMW students study abroad and opportunities are present in every part of the world. Our Center for International Education can help you decide! Pick from 147 programs in over 50 countries for a semester long experience. We also have 15+ faculty led trips over school breaks including India, Guatemala, Panama, Bonaire, London, Australia and more.

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Our study abroad programs are pretty much present in every part of the world. Last year, we had about 300 UMW students that studied abroad, and that's one in every three [students]. Over 15 plus programs are what we call faculty-led programs.

Some of them are science courses. Some of them are humanities courses, social science courses.

I teach a course in coral, climate, and conservation in Bonaire. And students get scuba certified. And we go to Bonaire and they actually practice coral restoration techniques.

I teach in Paris. And although my accent doesn't show it, I am native French. And so when I go to Paris, when I take students to Paris, I'm really showing them where I grew up. And Paris is our classroom.

Service learning and civic engagement are part of the Mary Washington DNA. For us, it was a natural fit to bring the Peace Corps Prep program to campus. The Peace Corps Prep program provides a certificate to the students. This certificate combines targeted fieldwork, coursework, along with professional development. UMW has sent over 260 students on the Peace Corps program.

Students are very engaged in service learning programs abroad. In fact, we've been able to create several programs in different destinations, such as Cuba, Nepal, and South Africa, where our faculty and staff have been able to take a number of students to work in the communities and helping with projects and whatever other needs the community might have.