Eagle Traditions

Traditions are an important part of the UMW experience. They create a sense of who we are and along with those traditions, our students help make UMW unique and special. Mary Wash offers many different activities throughout the year from Eagle Gathering, Devil Goat Day, Spring Formal, Spring Concert, Lip Sync, Homecoming, and the Underwear Run just to name a few. Fine and performing arts and NCAA Division III, club and intramural athletic programs round out a rich array of campus events for both participants and spectators. 

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I think traditions are very important. Every university is unique in some way. Our traditions make us special.

There's the big events that happen only once a semester and once a year, like Devil Goat Day or Lip Sync or Homecoming, but there's those weekly events that happen all the time, like bingo, like the Real Deals Movies.

I love Devil Goat Day.

If you graduate on an even year, you're a goat and if you graduate on an odd year, you're a devil.

We have a big field day. There's a lot of food, there's music.

The tug of war was so intense this last year that we actually broke the rope in half.

The Homecoming Lip Sync is really one of the most popular events that happens on campus at all. They come up with this great choreography and the whole crowd goes wild.

The Urban Dictionary has designated Mary Washington as the home of bench sitting. It's a tradition where we just gather on the benches. The informal conversations that connect students to one another is what bench sitting is all about.

My favorite UMW tradition is the Underwear Run across campus all the way to the gym and back, except most people don't make it to the gym. They usually stop and jump in the fountain.

Eagle Gathering is a tradition that happens the first night that you're on campus. It's really exciting to see all of the incoming students lighting their candles and officially being inducted into the university.

The traditions create a sense of this is who we are. You are a part of this. You help to maintain what makes this place unique and special. And that's what traditions are all about. We love our traditions at Mary Washington.

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