Why Mary Washington

Mary Washington is a premier undergraduate liberal arts school located 50 miles between Washington, D.C. and Richmond, Va. Our students leave with skills for the professional world and go on to intern on Capitol Hill, get jobs with public policy organizations, and be named a CNN Hero. They find themselves and their passions here at Mary Wash; whether it is creating an organization that has a global reach and raised millions of dollars or doing undergrad research and presenting at national conferences.

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The University continues to be recognized by everyone, from Princeton Review on, as one of the premier, undergraduate liberal arts institutions in America.

I think it's very important to consider the quality of teaching.

The great wealth of opportunities that undergraduates have to participate in research and the amount of funding that's available to them, is very unusual from my experiences teaching and doing research at other institutions.

Our students have internship opportunities in both Richmond and Washington. And they take advantage of this proximity to enlarge their educations in an experiential way, in a practical way, that really does distinguish them when they graduate.

I've had countless students that'll intern on the Hill or take jobs in think tanks or work with some of the public policy organizations in D.C.

I look at certain personalities who have become signatures of Mary Washington. James Farmer-- Dr. Farmer, who is a civil rights icon, he selected Mary Washington as that place where he wanted to be. Shin Fujiyama-- Shin started an organization while he was an undergraduate student here, called Students Helping Honduras. That has become a global organization with chapters around the country.

Currently, right now, I'm the Chief Academic Officer with Fredericksburg City Schools. Mary Washington allowed me to excel at the graduate level. Professionally, Mary Washington laid a very strong foundation, in terms of writing, public speaking, that I've benefited from, even to this day.

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