Finding Value

Professors at Mary Washington invest in students and help them develop critical thinking skills. Students learn how to be thought leaders. UMW’s challenging academic experiences ensure our students have a broad array of knowledge so they can pursue a variety of different paths whether that is graduate school or entering the workforce. The value is shown after they graduate and become educators, doctors, researchers, social media strategists with Under Armour, or public relations managers in the NFL. 

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The greatest value here at Mary Washington, to me, was the amount of work and effort that the professors invest into their students.

If you truly want a robust, challenging academic experience that will allow you to pursue a variety of different paths, be it graduate studies, professional studies, or entering the world of work with the skill set ready to excel, Mary Washington is your place to go.

Being part of the academic community means that we meet the ideals of a liberal arts education, developing critical skills so that you aren't just learning how to be certified in an area, you're learning how to be a thought leader.

I think it's very important to consider that the value reveals itself long after you graduate. So it's extraordinary to me when I learned that one of our graduates is running for a state office or another graduate is on the school board of a major metropolitan area.

A young man who was involved with our student entertainment committee, he ended up getting an internship with Warner Brothers Records and, as a consequence, he is now one of the leading reps for a variety of performers today. He's with Michael Buble. He's hanging out with Ariana Grande. He's having a phenomenal life. There are lots of examples of that sort.

I myself got accepted at the end of my sophomore year into this really, really good medical school. But my ultimate goal is to become a neurosurgeon and hopefully cure brain cancer, using the ideas that all started here at Mary Washington.

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